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Yellow Cage

Experimental short film

2020 - 7’ 53” | Digital | Color + B&W | Sound


*Work available under request:



A woman is alone in a yellow cage.




Inspired by the emblematic feminist horror tale "The Yellow Wallpaper", written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the film pays homage to Early Cinema through it’s vignette-like structure and uses oneiric imagery to explore the themes of feminism and mental health.



Yellow Cage is the first independent film made in collaboration with my partner Amanda Gatti. The starting point for the project was the emblematic feminist horror tale, "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman; whose frighteningly current themes inspired us to develop the project as a collective political stance on urgent and contemporary themes such as feminism and mental health.

As artists who were deeply inspired by the women in our lives, we wanted to create a film that honored their resilience in the face of the oppression they endured from birth to death.

Navigating the constraints of a self-imposed modest budget, we embraced an intimate and experimental approach to our creative process. Every aspect of filmmaking, save for sound-related roles, was executed by the two of us, both on set and out of it.

The outcome is a minimalist, postmodern piece that appropriates and resignifies an array of references to craft a hybridized and singular work that encapsulates our diverse skill sets as artists, spanning from performance to visual effects.

screenplay                                Amanda Gatti, Pedro Mendes
cast                                               Amanda Gatti
director                                       Pedro Mendes
cinematography                     Amanda Gatti, Pedro Mendes
production design                 Amanda Gatti, Pedro Mendes
costume                                      Amanda Gatti
production                                 Amanda Gatti
editing/color grading            Pedro Mendes
original score                            Daniel Soares Oliveira
sound recording                      Bernardo Frota
sound design/mixing            Convulsion Epics
graphic designer                     Louise Kanefuku
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