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Selected Works


I explore personal narratives across a range of mediums, embracing interdisciplinary and experimental processes centered on moving images. I examine themes of memory, identity, and the body through a process I call ‘autobiographical archaeology’, in which I engage with various physical and symbolic materials from my past and present to envision future possibilities. By rescuing and recontextualizing these elements, I create pieces that reflect the complexities and fluidity of my identity as a bisexual, disabled, and immigrant artist. ​


Pedro Mendes is a Brazilian-born visual artist based in Madrid. Through experimental cinema, video, and photography, he explores interdisciplinary practices focused on repurposed moving images—such as archival footage, home videos, and photographs—to investigate the possibilities of auto-fiction and self-abstraction. ​


He holds an MA in Filmmaking from the University of Warwick/London Film School (UK, 2023) and a BA in Audiovisual Production from PUC-RS's School of Communication, Arts, and Design (Brazil, 2017), where he was the first student in his course to be awarded a research scholarship (CAPES-CNPQ). ​

Before establishing himself as a solo artist, Pedro pursued diverse creative endeavors, including running his own artistic studio focused on video and photography, and working as a film critic. Now, his work has been featured in exhibitions and festivals across Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom. ​

In addition to his artistic practice, Pedro dedicates himself to research, writing, and translation. He also collaborates with his partner, Amanda Gatti in their itinerant project PÁR, a platform for critical and experimental practices across cinema and contemporary art.

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Academic Education


MA in Filmmaking - London Film School, London, UK (2023)

BA in Audiovisual Production: Film & Video - PUC-RS, Brazil (2017)

Further Education​


2024 - Cinétracts animados, Elena Duque -  Madrid, Spain

2023 - Film LAV S8MM #19  -  Madrid, Spain

2019 - Larry Wilson’s Screenwriting Workshop  - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2019 - Creative Film Production, Cinemateca Capitólio  - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2017 - Film Criticism, Cinemateca Capitólio  - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2017 - Notions for writing Critical Essays, Cinemateca Capitólio - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2016 - Film Curation, Cinemateca Capitólio - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2016 - African Cinema, Cinemateca Capitólio - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2016 - Povera Animation, Casa Peirô - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2015 - Formatting projects for Television, PUCRS - Porto Alegre, Brazil

Academic Research


Elements of Network Consumption:

Mapping Characteristics of Regional Audiovisual Digital Platforms

PUC~RS, Brazil (2015)

Coordination by Roberto Tietzmann

Scholarship: FAPERGS​ (CAPES-CNPQ)

Publications | Writing

2017-2019 -   Writer | 365 Filmes

                            Articles and film reviews for the biggest Brazilian website on cinema

2015 - Book "Anais do Intercom Rio 2015 :

XXXVIII Congresso Brasileiro de Ciências da Comunicação"

              ISSN: 2175-4683

              Rio de Janeiro, Brazil​​

Selected Group Exhibitions | Screenings​ | Live Performances


2024 - After Myself, BFI LFS Showcase - London, UK

2023 - Vanilla Underground: REDUX, Notodo Film Festival - Madrid, Spain 

2021 - Yellow Cage, Mostra Sesc Cinema - Brazil

2021 - Yellow Cage, Mostra Play The Film - Pernambuco, Brazil

2019 -  Live Flesh, Goodbye Lenin - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2018 -  Exhibition Jogos de Linguagem, Centro Municipal de Cultura - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2016 -  Exhibition II Mostra E.F.A Porto Alegre, Brazil​

Prizes | Fundings and Grants


2016  - II Mostra E.F.A - Brazil

2015 - FAPERGS (CAPES-CNPQ) Scholarship  - Brazil​​


2016-2019 -  Founding Member and Manager | Estudio X 

                          Artistic venue at Porto Alegre, Brazil

Facilitation | Curation | Mediation 

2022 - Facilitator - Filmmaking Course, Wac Arts - London, UK

2021 -  Facilitator - Introduction to the Cinematic Language - Porto Alegre, Brazil​​ (virtual)

2019 - Talk - “Oscar na Cultura” - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2019 - Talk - “20th Anniversary of Central Station: Revisting a Classic” - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2018 - Talk "Scenic Photography" - Porto Alegre, Brazil

2016 - Curation - "All Women in Cinema Film Festival", Casa Peirô - Porto Alegre, Brazil

​2017 - Facilitator - "Practical Screenwriting", Estúdio X - Porto Alegre, Brazil​​

2016 - Facilitator - "Cinema Between Wars", Casa Peirô - Porto Alegre, Brazil​​

​2016 - Facilitator - "Practical Screenwriting", Casa Peirô - Porto Alegre, Brazil​​

​2014 - Facilitator - "Practical Screenwriting", PUC-RS - Porto Alegre, Brazil​​​


Portuguese, English, Spanish

Collective | Collaboration


Since 2024 - Founding member | PÁR

             Itinerant project that creates platforms for critical and experimental practices in cinema & contemporary art

2017 -  Creative Collaborator | GrupoJogo de Experimentação Cênica

               Audiovisual for the theatre play "As Trevas Ridículas"  (Goethe Institut - Porto Alegre, Brazil)

2016 -  Founding Member and Collaborator | Casa Peirô

               Artistic Venue at Porto Alegre, Brazil

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