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Pedro Mendes is a Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist based in Madrid.

In 2017, he graduated in Audiovisual Production: Film & Video (PUC-RS/Brazil) as the first student of his course to be awarded a scholarship for academic excellence.

In 2020, he moved to the UK to pursue his artistic practice and graduated from London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking. 

Since 2016, he uses his multidisciplinary skills in video arts, films and multimedia projects as a filmmaker, photographer, writer and editor.


In parallel with his artistic works, he also works as a workshop facilitator and translator.

In his authorial works, he explores themes such as memory, identity and sexuality through experimental processes and the intersection of various artistic languages.

In 2022, he wrote his first feature film, Womb and the experimental documentary After Myself, which he also directed and edited.

His next project is the transmedia graphic novel Narcissus.

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