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After Myself

Essay Film

2023 - 13’02” | Digital | Color | Sound | English with subtitles

Recorded with a VHS camcorder (Brazil, 1995-1999) / Post-production in United Kingdom/Spain (2023)

* Work available under request


A grieving filmmaker delves into his past to examine universal themes such as memory, nostalgia, and identity through the lens of his childhood home videos.



As a filmmaker, I have always been fascinated by the themes of memory, nostalgia, and identity. In this project, I delve into these through a deeply personal lens. The catalyst for this exploration is my own experience of grief and loss, drawing from home videos from my childhood to take the viewer on a journey to the past through the intersection of personal and universal experiences.


At the heart of this film is an exploration of the ways in which memory shapes our identity, investigating how we construct ourselves through the stories we tell and the stories that are told of us; through the images that are created of us, and the images we create ourselves.


To achieve this, I offer a glimpse of the people and places that have shaped my life, processing the bittersweet nostalgia that comes with revisiting old memories, and my own sense of regret over not being with my loved ones when they passed away.


Ultimately, 'After Myself' is a tribute to the power of the feelings that connect us all, whether it is love or grief - and the ways in which these feelings shapes our lives, our relationships, and our sense of self.

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executive producer               
production manager         
assistant director                  

Camera operator 

1st assistant camera 

2nd assistant camera



video projectionist

sound mixer & composer 

sound designer 

sound recordist 

VFX artist                              

VHS digitization 

performance & aesthetic consultant

graphic designer

Pedro Mendes                            
Pedro Mendes                                     
Pedro Mendes                                       
Prachi Hota                                   
Amanda Gatti      
Izadora Schoninger   
Siddharth Bala Kumar          
Leo Villares           

Bo Giesen

Max Cutting

Jonathan Williams

Andy PML

Fu Xiao

Laura Hernandez

Alberto Matesanz

Jiri Svoboda 

Manasi Bedekar

Pedro  Mendes                                  
Pierluigi Campa
Semyon Voinov                                      

Alberto Barros

Amanda Gatti

Tiago Gasperin

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