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Experimental film

2024 - 1’35” | Digital | Color | Sound

Archival footage shot in Brazil (2006)

*Work available under request:


Revisiting the first recordings he ever shot as a child, a filmmaker rediscovers a camera between moments, frames between movements. An oneiric portrayal of fading childhood memories, reinterpreted as impressionistic digital textures.



As someone who works with archival footage, finding "proof" of the first I ever recorded something with a camera is significant in itself - even before I turned it into an experimental film. In its original context, the footage I shot is a tour of my father's house - one of the most important scenarios of my childhood, and the authenticity of my erratic camerawork and my interest in seemingly mundane aspects of my own domestic life is very much aligned with both the aesthetic and the themes I explore in my artistic practice now, making this particular bit of archival footage a sort of "full circle" moment.

As for the film itself, I wanted to explore not so much the objective recording of my father's house, but rather, a collage of digital textures that are more accurate as a representation of the "sentimental textures" of these fleeting moments where I'm moving the camera from one place to another, with a kinetic and impressionistic quality that can only be found in childhood memories.

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