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Short Essay

2023 - 3’30” | Digital | Color | Sound | English with subtitles


*Work available under request:



A filmmaker reflects on his hometown.




An auto-fictional ode to a city told through archival footage of sunsets, where light and colour are used to paint an impressionistic portrait of a borrowed nostalgia.



"Sunset" is a short essay film that explores the idiosyncrasies that define my hometown of Porto Alegre, Brazil - such as the collective ritual of watching the sunset in one of the city’s most popular gathering sites. Through an evocative fusion of personal narration and archival footage of sunsets, I invite the viewers to reflect on the transient nature of time and the alluring power of images that shape our subjective perception of reality. 

Throughout the film, I challenge these narrative perceptions and conventions by deliberately subverting the film’s aesthetic language and drawing attention to the constructed nature of the filmic narrative itself, ultimately unveiling it as an exercise in visual autofiction that prompts viewers to reconsider the boundaries between reality and artifice when it comes to the portrayal of genuine emotion. 

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